Privacy Policy

Your privacy is precious to us. Through this policy, we aim to set your rights and our data collection, usage, disclosure, transfer and storing of your confidential data process.

Usage of Terms

When we say ‘Top Writing Comapnies Reviews’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’, we refer to the platform of, which is entirely accountable for confidential data processing.

When we say ‘you’, ‘clients’ or ‘individuals’, it refers to all the users accessing Top Writing Comapnies Reviews.

Third Party Sites

We link to other sites to get their reviews. However, we don’t endorse all these platforms. Top Writing Comapnies Reviews recommends reading policies for these third-party platforms on our privacy policy page as their process might differ from ours in terms of confidential data collecting, handling, and processing.

Open Source Platform

Top Writing Comapnies Reviews is an open-source website for clients to post, read, and write feedback, so whenever you post a comment, your profile and the company’s bio will appear publicly once your comment is approved. The same will be followed if you post a reply to any of the comments. Therefore, be aware that on the basis of your provided information, you will not be an anon.

Personal Data Collection

It includes all the information related to an identifiable person. When you use our platform for writing a review, we collect your following personal information.


Your contact information requires you to collect your name, email, and phone number.


We collect your IP address, location, and your browser settings, including the device type used by you, language, and time.

Rating and Reviews Information

Top Writing Comapnies Reviews collects the information regarding the companies and products you review and the location of the company you provide feedback about for verification purposes.

Process of Data Collection

We collect your private information directly from you when you interact with us. Additionally, we can collect data from your device through your IP, location, device type, and the browser you are using to access Top Writing Comapnies Reviews.

Who Might Access Your Information?

As your reviews will be shared on Top Writing Comapnies Reviews, so anyone can view them publicly. However, we don’t disclose your private data to anyone that we collect for verification purposes.


We keep your data confidential as it is our top priority. We take protective measures to protect your data and inspect our system on a regular basis for vulnerabilities.

Contact Us

We try to follow transparency in providing this information. However, you can contact us in case if you have any queries regarding our services or anything. We will get back to you as soon as possible.